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Call me Gideon. Come, bask in my weird world of good taste. Ask me stuff. I live in Los Angeles. I like the music. And movies. And things. Stuff of that nature. Check out my archive, there's some strange shit going on there...

And he’s only 27.

And he’s only 27.

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Hide Your Love
The Rolling Stones



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(Don't Ya Go To) Goleta
Camper Van Beethoven

Brushy Brushy [via]

Previously: Animals Stealing Food

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Tom’s of Finland toothpaste package


Tom’s of Finland toothpaste package

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Please Leave A Light On When You Go

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Catch the Wave

Catch the Wave

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Pretty amazing 1975 board games for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and the Haunted Mansion. Via and everything else. More vintage Disney.

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